July 24, 2008



You wanted them; you got 'em!

If you want to get your grubby little mitts on an official Italian Spidershirt, jump over to www.Alrugo.com and register your interest in the Merch section. As soon as you add your details, you will be added to the AlrugoList, allowing Alrugo to contact you at a later date (coming soon) to give you further details about the tshirts. The Tshirts will only be created if enough of you show a serious interest, so if you want one, you really must let Alrugo know!



Alrugo Public Service Announcement

DO NOT FEAR little children, you will not be left hanging over the next few months while Alrugo repairs and re-masters the next installment of Italian Spiderman, not by a long shot.

STAY TUNED TO THIS BLOG and the Alrugo.com website for CONSTANT UPDATES in the Alrugo and Italian Spiderman Universe. We fully intend to keep your Italian Spiderhunger well sated with news, behind the scenes features, interviews, small film clips etc, so there is NO CHANCE of you missing out on goodies, as long as you drop in once in a while (do it every day). The time will simply FLY by between now and when Part 2 is available for viewing.

So that you may not worry, here is a short Public Service Announcement from Vivaldi and Verdi Alrugo about Italian Spiderman:

See? Everything is going to be alright. More Italian Spiderman is on its way! Furr Certenn!


Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 10 - Part 1 End!


Here it is Italian SpiderBoys and Vietnamese LlamaGirls; the final episode of Italian Spiderman Part 1. We've all been through so much together. Snakes, motorbikes, purple smoke, penguini, goblins and ginos, blow-darts, coccodrilli, boobs, lizards, spiders, asteroids, landrovers filled with henchgoons, syringes filled with air, punches filled with fist meat...

We have no time to lament the passing of this interstellar conquest though, as Italian Spiderman still has a crap-load more henchgoons to rip apart before the final bell rings. How will everything be wrapped up in 5 minutes? Just watch...


Mind blowing. Simply mind blowing. Now scoop your brains up off the floor, poke them back into your cranium through your ear with a sharp stick, and feel the warm blanket of knowledge that Italian Spiderman shall return. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but he SHALL return.

We here at Alrugo very much hope you've enjoyed viewing Italian Spiderman Part 1 as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. In dark times, the world needs a new hero, but a hero is nothing without people to protect and fight for. That is where YOU come in. YOU, faithful viewer, have made Italian Spiderman the hero he is. Without you, he is simply the coolest uncle ever.


This will obviously be the last Episode Inclusive Inside The Dragon for a while, but do not cry... because there will be WHOLE INDIVIDUAL INSIDE THE DRAGON POSTS over the next few months! That's right, more behind the scenes crap than you can poke a giant stick at! Now, onto the episode:

Set Photos: 'Henchboyz' - the hottest Boy Band of all time.

Set Photo: Mr Franchetti w/ young student from his 'Gun-Lessons-for-Kids' side-business.

Set Photo: Henchgoon #23 (Boris), Sam (Boris), Dario (Boris), Franco (Franco)

Set Photo: Henchgoon #0, aka Chris Asimos, aka Best Actor in the Entire World. Sorry Ladies, he's spoken for!

Action Photo: Chris Asimos BEING the Best Actor in the Entire World just before Franco accidentally ended his life. RIP #0.

Set Photo: Sam 'upskirt' King runs alongside Italian Spiderman to get the shot that is the chickeniest bit.

Location: The Quarry - A Spectacular Gravel Mine in the Adelaide Hills. plus, Sarah and Sam!

Set Photo: Ha ha haaa it's all fun and games folks, Franco and the henchgoons are best buds. See?

Well, that's it for this week kids!




July 17, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 9


Bernardi is DEAD! Maximum has the ASTEROID! Now they are OUTSIDE! All sorts of intense things are occurring now folks. When you strike down a man's personal professor, you better be ready for that man to go 8 shades of crazy and proceed to rip you and everyone you know into tiny pieces to place in a small glass bowl in his bathroom. A Vendetta Potpourri if you will. If that man is an Italian SPIDERman, you'll be lucky to even end up in a bowl. Maximum, you are going down. Supposedly.


Cliffhangers are the only remaining bastion of childlike excitement. Remember when you were 6 and couldn't sleep the night before christmas, or your birthday, or your bar mitzva? You won't find that level of nervous anticipation anywhere else in your adult life than right here people, right now. Will Italian Spiderman be able to overcome a Landrover-load of henchgoons? Sure, probably - he's already taken down that many guys on a number of occasions - but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Santa may throw a complete curve ball and not bring any toys at all. What if Santa only brings the pain?
Don't worry, Italian Spiderman will kill Santa.


Production Photo: A Landrover, series 3 short wheelbase w/ optional Henchgoons.

As an extra special treat celebrating the final two epic episodes (epicsodes?), we present to you the 3rd piece of genius in a series of genius.

Comic Cover: stunningly created by our own personal Ghandi: Danilo Beyruth

Danilo's blog: http://www.evilking.net

We love you Danilo. We put our lips to our palms and blow you a romantic internet kiss. Look out, there's tongue in there...

What will you do without your weekly hit of Italian Spideraction? Die I bet.
This coming final episode will hurt your brain with it's epic epic-ness.

Stay tuned Italian Spiderlovers, for


UPDATE: Fixed my retarded miss-naming of Landrover. I'm sorry Mr Rover. Always feel free to correct me when I've made some mistake folks. Sure you'll be banned from the internet and everyone will hate you forever, but won't you feel smart!

July 14, 2008

Italian SpiderPress #1

From time to time, Italian Spiderman and Alrugo appear in the media, either on TV or inside the interwebs. If you aren't googling us on a daily basis, you may have not been witness to such 'spidersploitation' in the press. SO, from now on, I'll be posting links to magazine interviews, newspaper reports and basically any videos which reference our italian megahero.

Todays linky-link is an interview that Italian Spiderman Director Dario 'dario' Russo did with Australian Merge Magazine. If you want some serious project back-story, definitely check this out:


More news-press coming soon. There's tons more alrugo-related press out there, I just like keeping you in suspenso.

Merge Magazine: http://www.mergemagazine.com.au/

July 10, 2008

Italian SpiderFan Art #3

Get ready for some of the finest works of art to ever grace Batman's green earth.



1) The jolliest christmasiest friendliest Italian Spiderman Ever


2) I like the slightly mod chic rectangle motif. This one captures his Italian-ness pretty dang well


3) First someone made a gif and it went all over forums, now there is the JOKER'S version. Nice.

4) We've been graced with his brilliant artwork before, and now we have some more! Jon Colton is a damn fine artist. LOOK HOW BUFF HE MADE COCCODRILLO. I'm really that buff in real life, the costume just isn''t flattering. This cover reminds me of the early Superman Action Comics. I love the way Jon uses colour, and the way he makes every character as buff as Ronnie Coleman. Every aspect of the Coccodrillo suit is spot on, right down to the red high-heeled boots and german Luger. Very cool. Go to Jon's blog NOW and check out the rest of his work before I punch you in the mouth with my buff fist.


5) No words. Just...no words to describe the sheer level of awesomeness going on here. Oh wait, 'sheer awesomeness' is words. WHO CARES JUST LOOK AT THIS.

This frankly jaw-droppingly accurate and stunning piece of work was created by Danilo Beyruth, and is in serious jeopardy of making me tear away violently at my computer screen in the hopes of touching its divine majesty. The sheer amount of detail that Danilo has put into this is just straight out respectful, and is to date the most faithful comic book adaptation of Italian Spiderman. The body shape is BANG ON, the detail and shading on the pants is a thing of beauty, the lip-curled sneer hilarious and the effort Danilo has gone to in order to replicate the look of a classic retro comic book - complete with spine-degradation and the Alrugo Logo - is just what superhero wet dreams are made of. Yes even superheroes have wet dreams. Not Italian Spiderman obviously. He's got babes on call 24/7. Danilo, for the time being, you are our own personal Jesus.

Oh and he made another one...

Spectacular, simply spectacular. In this one we reckon Franco looks like Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead. WHICH IS AWESOME. How gorgeous is that masked babe? My personal favourite part is the dragon fly though.
Check out Danilo's blog at http://www.evilking.net

Finding, receiving and posting fan art like the 6 pieces above has become my favourite aspect of creating this blog. It's such an incredible honor to have immensely talented artists from all over the world join in the fun of our film. This is what art is about man. dude. man.

If YOU have any Italian Spiderman influenced artwork of ANY kind, please DO NOT HESITATE to send it over to me via 'the emails' at AlrugoBlog@live.com

If so, do let us know by posting comments saying something along the lines of "YES" or "NAH" in reply to this post.
If enough of you show an interest, you never know what will happen!

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 8


It appears Italian Spiderman has fallen prey to an evil plot, formed by an evil man, spawned from an evil serpent woman. Will Italian Spiderman escape and bring justice to the world? Of course he will. No man can stop the wind. No man can hold the air. Unless they have a balloon. But then they are merely holding plastic which CONTAINS air. Just like Italian Spiderman, because, he's...uh...made of plastic? Everything I say makes sense! You probably just aren't smart enough. Ask me to explain when you're older.


Lizards! Spiders! Machine-guns! Multiplying Hench-Goons! Boobs! Murder! It's all happening now baby.
So, Bernardi is dead, but don't think that will stop Italian Spiderman. Hell, it won't even slow him down. In fact, it will most probably speed him up and get him so fired up that the next two whole episodes are just going to be the most epic and insane things you may ever bare witness to. That's just a guess though. I don't know anything about this movie. What movie? Batman Does Italy was it?


Episode 8 was filmed entirely within the confines of 'Alrugo Soundstage One', otherwise known as the *Adventure 4WD mechanic garage, run by David and Rose Wilson.

Film Cap: Capitan Maximum gets all gunny

Film Cap: Hench-Goon #42 (Matthew Crook) gets sufficiently jugulared.

Set Photo: Cinematographer Sam King watches the microcosm of the world right next to him

Set Photo: Hench-Goons #13, #42 and #0 (Michael Crisci, Matthew Crook and Chris Asimos)

Production Design: The Rack, The Trap, The Lair... and a bazooka. By Tait Wilson

Production Photo: Italian Spiderman with Machine Gun created by Prop Dude Brad Maddern

*Adventure 4WD. South Australia's Foremost 4WD Adventures

Only TWO MORE episodes left!
Stay tuned Italian Spiderlovers, you do NOT want to miss what's coming...


Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 7


This week we welcome Italian Spiderman home with a truck-load (seriously we trucked them in) of snakes. Just like herpes, you can only escape snakes for SO long; eventually they'll catch up to you, bite the ever-living crap out of you and then you're down for the count and unable to procreate for the rest of your life without someone saying 'ew.' Seriously man, watch out for snakes.

Italian Spiderman Episode 7

Sure Italian Spiderman gets knocked out a lot, sure he does, but he only LETS himself be knocked out because he knows full well that when he wakes up, he's going to be in the best underdog situations ever, necessitating MORE killing of people. Like when you get herpes; it sucks, but hey, now you get to take down as many other people as humanly possible! Keep score! Alrugo is ALL ABOUT finding the silver-lining in tough situations folks.

INSIDE THE DRAGON (rare mega-edition)

Once again we return to 'The Shack' for more Casa Del Spider action.

Production Photo: MaxiMen 'Uno' and 'Due', Tait Wilson and Will Spartalis

Set Photo: Italian Spiderman giving the ol' protection shove to Jessica, aka Susanna Dekker

Set Photo: Director Dario Russo reclining while Cinematographer Sam King laughs his nutsack off before destroying a prized sacred porcelain Cougar

Porcelain Cougar Pre-Destroyed. Poor beautiful little bastard. Rest in pieces. PIECES!

Set Photo: Hallway Snake Extravaganza which cost the majority of the budget. Snakes on fishing line tied to sticks don't just make THEMSELVES. If they do, let me know, I'll crap my pants.

Production Design: Asteroid, Mallard Cigarette Packet (became il Gallo), Snakeinatoaster Rig by Tait Wilson

Film Cap: Lanciatore Della Fiamma

Wow, that was a lot of dragon!

*Production Photography By Lucy Spartalis

Tune in NEXT WEEK, JULY 10 for

July 02, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 6

What does one do upon awakening face down in the sands of a deserted beach? Just how exactly must one act in such a situation? What social graces must one observe? The answer to this and many other monumentally important questions are not taught to us in our schools. They are not second nature instincts imbued by any maternal force, nor are they provided in any governmentally distributed 'healthy living guideline' pamphlet. It can easily be seen that life's most important questions are all best answered by our superheroes, if not through their words, than via their actions toward the people (enemies) around them.

In other words, when you wake up on the beach after seriously tripping out: KILL EVERYBODY

Italian Spiderman - Episode 6

I wish to remind you that no animals were harmed in the creation of this episode, and that all animal action onscreen in Italian Spiderman Episode 6 was monitored and supervised by Boris.


On Set Photo: Surf Scene Super Special Visual Effects. SSSSVFX.

The ever-lovely Wake Twins, copping sweet spear-to-neck action.

Production Design: Meteor Shrine (unused) and Tiki Bar (very used) by Tait Wilson

Tune in next week Italian Spiderfans. There'll probably be another episode or something, who knows?


June 20, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 5

Hands up whoever thinks motorbikes are the sexy rebel cowboys of the vehicle world. I count no less than 1 billion hands. The vote is unanimous; motorbikes are indeed one of the coolest creations man has ever pieced together out of metal, rubber and pure unbridled machismo. Motorbikes are like a mustache, (stay with me here...) they are fairly pointless, only really fun for one person - or two if you like living dangerously - and generally give the rider an air of complete superiority. I say 'rider' and not 'rider/wearer' because if the mustache is correct, you're really just part of IT, and not the other way around. If I had a real (post-pubescent) mustache, I'd ride that thing straight down a tiger's throat and burst out the tip of his tail, and I'd do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Italian Spiderman, Episode 5.

To all those people who refer to this scene by saying "wow you guys must have been on acid or something when you made this," I strongly urge that you find some good LSD, take it, and then try even handling your own TV remote properly, let alone a huge camera/lighting/green-screen/sound recordist equipment and giant motorbikes. If you somehow manage to compile a film of anything other than 16 minutes of your lounge room floor followed by a short muffled scream followed by cut to black, edit it up, add some sound, whack some titles and credits on your shiny new opus and send it to me. I will post it* on The Mantis' Quill. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Eat it with milk.


Introducing Goblin and Gino. See if you can guess which is which. Go on.

Who are they? What do they want? When is now? Who is what?
All I know is that Corey and I should live our entire lives in these costumes. I'm wearing mine right now. I'll give Corey a call.

Also, Capitano Maximum and his MaxiMen

Do you recognize the men under those henchmasks? If you do, GOOD FOR YOU! If you don't, how can your eyes be working well enough to read this text? So many questions.

One last note: You see purple smoke, you get the hell out of there Carl.


*no I won't.

June 14, 2008

Italian Spiderfan-art 2: the sequel; of the Dynasty Chronicles.

Notice the trend of epic, over-the-top, literary-based saga films being churned out by the katwillions as of the past 5 or 6 years? Nothing, it seems, can exist without obligatory sequels anymore. If something has one, it must have two and therefore three. What a crazy western world we live in. Are there no new ideas? Could it be that? OR is it just that the best ideas EVER have been created, given to the world in positively manageable bundles, and people just want more of those ideas in particular? Whether good or bad, being a part of the quiet and not-so-quiet revolution going on under the surface of the world's craziness at this juncture in time is something for us all to be very excited about. Music that would never be able to gain an audience in the past can now be heard, critiqued and absorbed easily by tens, hundreds, millions, katwillions. Film can be made and exposed out from under the shadow of the great and glorious Hollywood. In general, human art can be now circulated with almost the greatest of ease, so why try to control the raging river, when we can just direct the flow as it passes by us?

And thus I present MORE Italian SpiderFan-Art:

This was officially the first piece of Italian Spiderfan Art. In internet World 4000 Land, this pic was posted eons ago. Which in real-world, is about, I don't know...4 months maybe? Yeah? As 'old' as it is, it is fantastic, and the artist who created it is a dude of the highest order.

Check his other world out at

If you'd like to see your alrugo-related masterpieces (or simple doodles) posted up on this blog, you might as well send them over, and If they are awesome enough in any way, I shall endeavor to find the perfect place for them. LIKE THE FIREPLACE. Or the blog itself. Y'never know. (...doodles....)

June 13, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 4

Welcome to ExpositionLand. I, as mayor of this fine city, bid you a safe passage through our occasionally dangerous terrain of intrigue and explanation. Did I mention I am also a scientist? That's right, mayor AND scientist. Watch out ladies, I'll inform you that not getting enough sliced ham can cause cancer, then raise your taxes, ALL IN ONE DATE.

A quick scientific equation;
Italian Spiderman + Science / babes x old men - the smell =

Italian Spiderman Episode 4

SCIENTASTIC! Now sit back, relax and be gleeful in the notion that you now know what the film is about plot-wise.
Also, I should probably start saying - just for all you animal lovers out there - no animals were harmed in the making
of this scene. Most went blind though. Who knew playful eye-gouging affected animals?


Movie Poster: Professor Bernardi intensely doing the sciences

Actor Assembly Photo: The Dude, The Dr, The Dame. Triple D

Franco, Carmine e Caitlin
Photograph by Lucy Spartalis

Keep your eyes open and your ears free from cats, Italian Spiderfans!
Episode 5 hits you like a mass of bones and meat in the shape of a fist next week, June 19th!

June 05, 2008

Italian Spiderman - Episode 3

Do you ever lucid dream? Do you ever realise that you're dreaming whilst under the control of your subconscious? Some people achieve this point of enlightenment every single night, while for others, becoming lucid during REM sleep is a rare delight. However often this happens to you, one can not deny the incredible mixture of euphoria and excitement such a situation provides. With enough practice and training, one can basically take complete control of their own subconscious and make the dream world obey their command, creating an existential utopia to frolic and dance around for even the briefest of moments.
What would your dreamworld be like? Hmmm? Perhaps you don't know. Perhaps all that power is too much for you. Perhaps you need a helping hand...

For the next 3 minutes, 7 seconds, we present to you, your own personal DREAMTOPIA, courtesy of Alrugo.

I can now say with the utmost confidence that what you just witnessed, is at LEAST 200% better than any dream you've had in the last forever. Am I right? You bet your sweet bippy I am. They don't call me Michael Crisci: Dream Master for nothing! Or for anything. Or at all.


Fun Fact 1: This whole episode and another future episode were shot on Hindmarsh Island, South Australia, at a place known only as The Shack. It was hot that day. Very hot. Especially for dudes in red skivvies and green wetsuits.

Step One: The original production design of Coccodrillo's Croco-Suit, created by Sir Tait Wilson.

Step B: Dr Will Spartalis gets into the sweat factory of a wetsuit covered in non-breathing green coloured house-paint, with assistance.


Stay tuned little squeaky baby crocodiles

May 30, 2008

Italian Spiderfan Art

The ultraweb is an amazing place. It is the new frontier. Forget space. In space it takes 3000 light-years at least to reach a whole new cluster of heavenly bodies. 3000 light years is for pussies. On the ubernet, such pockets of wonderment are within 3000 nanoseconds. The best thing about being a film studio in today's culture is that we can interact with our audience. We make films equally as much for ourselves as the viewing public, and with youtube giving us constant feedback with the opinions of our fans, we can all reach an interconnectivity like never before.

This is mind, I have decided in future to post up anything from the Italian Spiderman Universe - whether Alrugo or not - that really blows our collective minds and expresses that true sense of interaction between film maker and film fan. If you like Alrugo Films and express yourself through some art form, be it sketching, music, vlogging or whathaveyou, do not hesitate to send it to The Mantis' Quill, or leave a link in a comment on one of the posts, and if it is deemed awesome enough by Alrugo, it will go up in its own post.

To start the awesome-o-ball rolling in the fan art, here's a toe-jammingly spectacular comicesque incarnation of our good friend and confidant, Italian Spiderman, created by a sheer genius over at Level Six Studios. Assumedly his name is Jon Colton. His work is top-notch.

Seriously good work man.

Level Six Studios

Send all your Alrugo-related stuff to Gueebster@hotmail.com or link us up via post comments.
Are YOU awesome enough?

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2

Here she is, the brand new yet 40 year old scene from the Italian Spiderman Movie by us, Alrugo. Look at her, isn't she a thing of beauty? All smooth lines and melone, in that cherry-red finish. She drives like she's on rails and fires hidden missiles with the touch of a button. This scene is James Bond's car.

What a party huh? Seriously, how shit-hot would it be if you saw a gorgeous lady bottle an equally gorgeous man at the parties YOU went to? I bet that type of thing doesn't even happen in your world. Well you're in our world now baby. Things like this happen all the time. The Alrugo party is on 24/8. That's right, we even have an extra day in our week, JUST FOR MORE PARTYING. That isn't true. Alls the sames, come and join our world of beautiful, sexy, violent, finger-pointing exhilaration.


Tony and Vincenzo, otherwise known as Josh and Nelson, otherwise known as Sex Team Alpha

On the party scene set with Production Designer Tait Wilson and Professor Bernardi, played with gusto by the honorable Carmine Russo.

Photography by Lucy Spartalis

same spider time, same spider channel.

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1

Hello Mr First Scene. Are you ready?
"I...I think so"
You better KNOW so, son, or by Christ I'll tan your hide 3 shades of Monday.

Thus begins the weekly installments of the Italian Spiderman Movie. There will be a brand spanking new 40 year old episode hitting the ultimaweb every week until you've seen the whole film cumulatively. Cool huh? shit yeah it's cool. This could be the best thing that ever happens to you, you know that, right? Seriously quit your job, that thing's just wasting your Italian Spidertime.


From now on, at the end of each episode post, I shall have this little section called Inside The Dragon, in which I'll post up SOMETHING extra to do with that episode or just the film in general. Think of Inside The Dragon as being like a special feature on a DVD. Then stop thinking that and realise you're doing it aaaaall onliiiine! OOOOOO its the new age.

Today, your little bone-shaped doggie treat comes in the form of an on-set photo.

Stay tuned for Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2, airing anytime you like, from now until forever.

Italian Spiderman Trailer

Before the rolling thunder which shakes us from our marital beds, there is a flash of lightning. A flash which may go unnoticed by some, but seen and revered by others as the all powerful hand of the mighty Zeus. The bright light heralds the coming of a storm. A storm, of SPIDER!

The Italian Spiderman Trailer.

We were admittedly blown sideways by the internet reaction to this piece, which started its life as an end-of-studies 16mm film assignment. The reaction showed that even if people didn't understand the humour and/or stylistic influences involved, they were swept up in it's sheer ridiculousness, and for the most part, people really got into the spirit of the concept; reveling in the completely retarded, over-the-top character and his remarkable adventures.

Thanks goes out to all the blog writers, webmasters and general viewing public which, to date, have helped net this original trailer upwards of 1.8 million views and make Alrugo a near-household name. Stay tuned little ones, stay tuned.


And now, without further ado (ADO ADO ADO - I'm lame as), The Mantis' Quill begins its complete coverage of the Italian Spiderman World Enlightenment Via The Internets campaign. That campaign is not real, but if it works, bonus. The idea here is that Alrugo are already in the process of uploading the new weekly episodic segments of the Italian Spiderman Movie, and The Mantis' Quill will serve as reporter, adding commentary from the makers themselves, constant updates on the project, as well as gathered press releases, reviews and behind-the-scenes trinkets. Of course, all of the episodes will be posted on this blog as well, the very second they hit the net.


Good Afternoon!

For those of you whom may not be aware, Alrugo Films is a super team force production squad. Much like power-rangers really, but with less zords and more cameras and headphones (CameraZord being sent back through time via giant hammer nnnnnNOW).

Alrugo is a bunch-o-people hellbent on bringing classiness and style back to the interwebs, even if it has never been here in the first place. We are writers, we are directors, we are actors, we are artists. We are of the new generation and we are all those terrible words the older generation use for us; hip, kookey, cutting-edge etc. All that malarky. Hip still is a fantastic word though.

In essense, Alrugo is friendship, condensed into artistic endeavor. We are all the dearest of friends, and we all have such a similar sense of humour cultivated in our joint passage through life, that we need to express it through the medium of our choice and expertise.

We intend to constantly provide you with that which you have (perhaps unknowingly) been missing so much in terms of contemporary media. We are not reality TV, we are not Hollywood, we are not CGI, we are not a seasoned yet out-of-touch pro director turning out 5 very late and ill-advised sequels in order to capitalize on our legend status forged by past works of genius.

We are young, we are committed, we are passionate and we are going to show you ALL an extremely good time.

May 27, 2008

The Dawn of Mantis

Be aware, be very aware; The Alrugo News Feed and Production Log has officially come into being, like so many tiny quantum particles bursting unexpectedly into the fabric of our universe!
Do you want to know what's going on at Camp Alrugo? Do you want to peer into our world like some perverted owl watching a teenage girl undress? Is the ability to manually hunt and devour all of the information you may desire at the press of a few buttons just too damned much hard work for you?

Labor no longer, lazy girlyboy!

The Mantis' Quill is here to provide you with the freshest, tenderest, wildest Alrugo-meat that you can sink your teeth into. You will find yourself returning repeatedly just to see if one more new release Alrugo Film, one more Alrugo Poster, one more Alrugo Song or one more stunning insight into the film/orange juice-making world has been thurst upon this interwebses for your enlightening pleasure.

So I say, dear Alrugo-fan, put on your pith-helmet, pull on your racing boots, get out your driving knife, surrender the controls to your brain and sit back and relax...

Because for the next few moments, Alrugo is taking the wheel...