May 30, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1

Hello Mr First Scene. Are you ready?
"I...I think so"
You better KNOW so, son, or by Christ I'll tan your hide 3 shades of Monday.

Thus begins the weekly installments of the Italian Spiderman Movie. There will be a brand spanking new 40 year old episode hitting the ultimaweb every week until you've seen the whole film cumulatively. Cool huh? shit yeah it's cool. This could be the best thing that ever happens to you, you know that, right? Seriously quit your job, that thing's just wasting your Italian Spidertime.


From now on, at the end of each episode post, I shall have this little section called Inside The Dragon, in which I'll post up SOMETHING extra to do with that episode or just the film in general. Think of Inside The Dragon as being like a special feature on a DVD. Then stop thinking that and realise you're doing it aaaaall onliiiine! OOOOOO its the new age.

Today, your little bone-shaped doggie treat comes in the form of an on-set photo.

Stay tuned for Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2, airing anytime you like, from now until forever.

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