July 02, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 6

What does one do upon awakening face down in the sands of a deserted beach? Just how exactly must one act in such a situation? What social graces must one observe? The answer to this and many other monumentally important questions are not taught to us in our schools. They are not second nature instincts imbued by any maternal force, nor are they provided in any governmentally distributed 'healthy living guideline' pamphlet. It can easily be seen that life's most important questions are all best answered by our superheroes, if not through their words, than via their actions toward the people (enemies) around them.

In other words, when you wake up on the beach after seriously tripping out: KILL EVERYBODY

Italian Spiderman - Episode 6

I wish to remind you that no animals were harmed in the creation of this episode, and that all animal action onscreen in Italian Spiderman Episode 6 was monitored and supervised by Boris.


On Set Photo: Surf Scene Super Special Visual Effects. SSSSVFX.

The ever-lovely Wake Twins, copping sweet spear-to-neck action.

Production Design: Meteor Shrine (unused) and Tiki Bar (very used) by Tait Wilson

Tune in next week Italian Spiderfans. There'll probably be another episode or something, who knows?



brassy said...

Voglio il dietro le quinte del nuovo episodio!

I want the backstage about the 7th episode!

cuy said...

By far my very favorite episode...

Morgoth Bauglir said...

Smoking while fighting - Genius. My favorite episode