June 13, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 4

Welcome to ExpositionLand. I, as mayor of this fine city, bid you a safe passage through our occasionally dangerous terrain of intrigue and explanation. Did I mention I am also a scientist? That's right, mayor AND scientist. Watch out ladies, I'll inform you that not getting enough sliced ham can cause cancer, then raise your taxes, ALL IN ONE DATE.

A quick scientific equation;
Italian Spiderman + Science / babes x old men - the smell =

Italian Spiderman Episode 4

SCIENTASTIC! Now sit back, relax and be gleeful in the notion that you now know what the film is about plot-wise.
Also, I should probably start saying - just for all you animal lovers out there - no animals were harmed in the making
of this scene. Most went blind though. Who knew playful eye-gouging affected animals?


Movie Poster: Professor Bernardi intensely doing the sciences

Actor Assembly Photo: The Dude, The Dr, The Dame. Triple D

Franco, Carmine e Caitlin
Photograph by Lucy Spartalis

Keep your eyes open and your ears free from cats, Italian Spiderfans!
Episode 5 hits you like a mass of bones and meat in the shape of a fist next week, June 19th!


Anonymous said...

Mi dispiace ma non parlo inglese, Italian Spiderman è grandioso, sembra scritto e girato a 6 mani da Bava, Di Leo e Tarantino. Ho due domande:
1) Ma siete veramente australiani?
2) Ma Franco Franchetti è una donna?

Paul said...

Questo episodio è veramente un capolavoro, complimenti! :-)

Bill said...

rispetto di donne!

Greatest youtube videos ever - can't wait for more!

ilmarinaio said...

grandissimi! la vostra "suspenso" mi ha contagiato; vi seguo e vi promuovo. anche io vi chiedo: siete italiani, australiani, italoaustraliani?

beautiful! your "suspenso" has kidnapped me, i promote you, can't wait for the next episode. i ask to you, as others comments here are doing: are you italians, australians, italoaustralians?

Riccardo said...

great! always better. I cannot get enough of it. my flatmate and I keep talking to ourselves in an italian spiderman manner.. more high def pictures of the movie please! ciao!

Renato said...

"I was just doing some science"
"Wow, Judy look at how red this is"



Great work man!

Wade said...

Where can I get some Il Gallo cigarettes? O.o