July 10, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 7


This week we welcome Italian Spiderman home with a truck-load (seriously we trucked them in) of snakes. Just like herpes, you can only escape snakes for SO long; eventually they'll catch up to you, bite the ever-living crap out of you and then you're down for the count and unable to procreate for the rest of your life without someone saying 'ew.' Seriously man, watch out for snakes.

Italian Spiderman Episode 7

Sure Italian Spiderman gets knocked out a lot, sure he does, but he only LETS himself be knocked out because he knows full well that when he wakes up, he's going to be in the best underdog situations ever, necessitating MORE killing of people. Like when you get herpes; it sucks, but hey, now you get to take down as many other people as humanly possible! Keep score! Alrugo is ALL ABOUT finding the silver-lining in tough situations folks.

INSIDE THE DRAGON (rare mega-edition)

Once again we return to 'The Shack' for more Casa Del Spider action.

Production Photo: MaxiMen 'Uno' and 'Due', Tait Wilson and Will Spartalis

Set Photo: Italian Spiderman giving the ol' protection shove to Jessica, aka Susanna Dekker

Set Photo: Director Dario Russo reclining while Cinematographer Sam King laughs his nutsack off before destroying a prized sacred porcelain Cougar

Porcelain Cougar Pre-Destroyed. Poor beautiful little bastard. Rest in pieces. PIECES!

Set Photo: Hallway Snake Extravaganza which cost the majority of the budget. Snakes on fishing line tied to sticks don't just make THEMSELVES. If they do, let me know, I'll crap my pants.

Production Design: Asteroid, Mallard Cigarette Packet (became il Gallo), Snakeinatoaster Rig by Tait Wilson

Film Cap: Lanciatore Della Fiamma

Wow, that was a lot of dragon!

*Production Photography By Lucy Spartalis

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