June 14, 2008

Italian Spiderfan-art 2: the sequel; of the Dynasty Chronicles.

Notice the trend of epic, over-the-top, literary-based saga films being churned out by the katwillions as of the past 5 or 6 years? Nothing, it seems, can exist without obligatory sequels anymore. If something has one, it must have two and therefore three. What a crazy western world we live in. Are there no new ideas? Could it be that? OR is it just that the best ideas EVER have been created, given to the world in positively manageable bundles, and people just want more of those ideas in particular? Whether good or bad, being a part of the quiet and not-so-quiet revolution going on under the surface of the world's craziness at this juncture in time is something for us all to be very excited about. Music that would never be able to gain an audience in the past can now be heard, critiqued and absorbed easily by tens, hundreds, millions, katwillions. Film can be made and exposed out from under the shadow of the great and glorious Hollywood. In general, human art can be now circulated with almost the greatest of ease, so why try to control the raging river, when we can just direct the flow as it passes by us?

And thus I present MORE Italian SpiderFan-Art:

This was officially the first piece of Italian Spiderfan Art. In internet World 4000 Land, this pic was posted eons ago. Which in real-world, is about, I don't know...4 months maybe? Yeah? As 'old' as it is, it is fantastic, and the artist who created it is a dude of the highest order.

Check his other world out at

If you'd like to see your alrugo-related masterpieces (or simple doodles) posted up on this blog, you might as well send them over, and If they are awesome enough in any way, I shall endeavor to find the perfect place for them. LIKE THE FIREPLACE. Or the blog itself. Y'never know. (...doodles....)


Johnny Darrell said...

Would love to have a copy of the psychedelic music at the end of Ep. 5! Who did it? Where can I get it?!

Jon Colton said...

Nice drawing! The Italian Spiderman is gaining ground in new dimensions conquering the world of 2-D!

Katy M said...

I am a female Italian Spiderfan! My boss introduced me to the phenomenon and I am hooked! The jaguar noises are so beautifully used. The laughter never ceases. There is a growing group of spiderfans in Virginia, USA!
thank you for creating a REAL super hero! KatyMae