May 30, 2008

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2

Here she is, the brand new yet 40 year old scene from the Italian Spiderman Movie by us, Alrugo. Look at her, isn't she a thing of beauty? All smooth lines and melone, in that cherry-red finish. She drives like she's on rails and fires hidden missiles with the touch of a button. This scene is James Bond's car.

What a party huh? Seriously, how shit-hot would it be if you saw a gorgeous lady bottle an equally gorgeous man at the parties YOU went to? I bet that type of thing doesn't even happen in your world. Well you're in our world now baby. Things like this happen all the time. The Alrugo party is on 24/8. That's right, we even have an extra day in our week, JUST FOR MORE PARTYING. That isn't true. Alls the sames, come and join our world of beautiful, sexy, violent, finger-pointing exhilaration.


Tony and Vincenzo, otherwise known as Josh and Nelson, otherwise known as Sex Team Alpha

On the party scene set with Production Designer Tait Wilson and Professor Bernardi, played with gusto by the honorable Carmine Russo.

Photography by Lucy Spartalis

same spider time, same spider channel.

1 comment:

maurolicious said...

There should definitely be a spin-off series featuring the Speedo-Guy. Perhaps he's a mild-mannered undertaker/repo-man by day, alien-hunter by night. There should be a team of them. A crack, covert inter-government pan-continental unit, answering only to the mysterious "Lifeguard".

In an indirect way, you could honour the series from which he came by basing the theme music on the original super-hero:


At any party, he's super-fly
Can he dance? Can he sing?
Just take a look at the awesome bling

Hey there! There goes the Speedo-Guy!

On a warm clear night, at the scene of a fete
You can see him there, helping Vietnamese celebrate Tet


He's got the moves by-and-by
Can he rule the dance-floor?
Watch how with that chick he will score

Hey there! There goes the Speedo-Guy!

Whenever there's a party...
With booming laughs so hearty...

You'll find the Speedo-Guuuuuuuuy!