May 30, 2008

Italian Spiderfan Art

The ultraweb is an amazing place. It is the new frontier. Forget space. In space it takes 3000 light-years at least to reach a whole new cluster of heavenly bodies. 3000 light years is for pussies. On the ubernet, such pockets of wonderment are within 3000 nanoseconds. The best thing about being a film studio in today's culture is that we can interact with our audience. We make films equally as much for ourselves as the viewing public, and with youtube giving us constant feedback with the opinions of our fans, we can all reach an interconnectivity like never before.

This is mind, I have decided in future to post up anything from the Italian Spiderman Universe - whether Alrugo or not - that really blows our collective minds and expresses that true sense of interaction between film maker and film fan. If you like Alrugo Films and express yourself through some art form, be it sketching, music, vlogging or whathaveyou, do not hesitate to send it to The Mantis' Quill, or leave a link in a comment on one of the posts, and if it is deemed awesome enough by Alrugo, it will go up in its own post.

To start the awesome-o-ball rolling in the fan art, here's a toe-jammingly spectacular comicesque incarnation of our good friend and confidant, Italian Spiderman, created by a sheer genius over at Level Six Studios. Assumedly his name is Jon Colton. His work is top-notch.

Seriously good work man.

Level Six Studios

Send all your Alrugo-related stuff to or link us up via post comments.
Are YOU awesome enough?

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2

Here she is, the brand new yet 40 year old scene from the Italian Spiderman Movie by us, Alrugo. Look at her, isn't she a thing of beauty? All smooth lines and melone, in that cherry-red finish. She drives like she's on rails and fires hidden missiles with the touch of a button. This scene is James Bond's car.

What a party huh? Seriously, how shit-hot would it be if you saw a gorgeous lady bottle an equally gorgeous man at the parties YOU went to? I bet that type of thing doesn't even happen in your world. Well you're in our world now baby. Things like this happen all the time. The Alrugo party is on 24/8. That's right, we even have an extra day in our week, JUST FOR MORE PARTYING. That isn't true. Alls the sames, come and join our world of beautiful, sexy, violent, finger-pointing exhilaration.


Tony and Vincenzo, otherwise known as Josh and Nelson, otherwise known as Sex Team Alpha

On the party scene set with Production Designer Tait Wilson and Professor Bernardi, played with gusto by the honorable Carmine Russo.

Photography by Lucy Spartalis

same spider time, same spider channel.

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1

Hello Mr First Scene. Are you ready?
"I...I think so"
You better KNOW so, son, or by Christ I'll tan your hide 3 shades of Monday.

Thus begins the weekly installments of the Italian Spiderman Movie. There will be a brand spanking new 40 year old episode hitting the ultimaweb every week until you've seen the whole film cumulatively. Cool huh? shit yeah it's cool. This could be the best thing that ever happens to you, you know that, right? Seriously quit your job, that thing's just wasting your Italian Spidertime.


From now on, at the end of each episode post, I shall have this little section called Inside The Dragon, in which I'll post up SOMETHING extra to do with that episode or just the film in general. Think of Inside The Dragon as being like a special feature on a DVD. Then stop thinking that and realise you're doing it aaaaall onliiiine! OOOOOO its the new age.

Today, your little bone-shaped doggie treat comes in the form of an on-set photo.

Stay tuned for Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 2, airing anytime you like, from now until forever.

Italian Spiderman Trailer

Before the rolling thunder which shakes us from our marital beds, there is a flash of lightning. A flash which may go unnoticed by some, but seen and revered by others as the all powerful hand of the mighty Zeus. The bright light heralds the coming of a storm. A storm, of SPIDER!

The Italian Spiderman Trailer.

We were admittedly blown sideways by the internet reaction to this piece, which started its life as an end-of-studies 16mm film assignment. The reaction showed that even if people didn't understand the humour and/or stylistic influences involved, they were swept up in it's sheer ridiculousness, and for the most part, people really got into the spirit of the concept; reveling in the completely retarded, over-the-top character and his remarkable adventures.

Thanks goes out to all the blog writers, webmasters and general viewing public which, to date, have helped net this original trailer upwards of 1.8 million views and make Alrugo a near-household name. Stay tuned little ones, stay tuned.


And now, without further ado (ADO ADO ADO - I'm lame as), The Mantis' Quill begins its complete coverage of the Italian Spiderman World Enlightenment Via The Internets campaign. That campaign is not real, but if it works, bonus. The idea here is that Alrugo are already in the process of uploading the new weekly episodic segments of the Italian Spiderman Movie, and The Mantis' Quill will serve as reporter, adding commentary from the makers themselves, constant updates on the project, as well as gathered press releases, reviews and behind-the-scenes trinkets. Of course, all of the episodes will be posted on this blog as well, the very second they hit the net.


Good Afternoon!

For those of you whom may not be aware, Alrugo Films is a super team force production squad. Much like power-rangers really, but with less zords and more cameras and headphones (CameraZord being sent back through time via giant hammer nnnnnNOW).

Alrugo is a bunch-o-people hellbent on bringing classiness and style back to the interwebs, even if it has never been here in the first place. We are writers, we are directors, we are actors, we are artists. We are of the new generation and we are all those terrible words the older generation use for us; hip, kookey, cutting-edge etc. All that malarky. Hip still is a fantastic word though.

In essense, Alrugo is friendship, condensed into artistic endeavor. We are all the dearest of friends, and we all have such a similar sense of humour cultivated in our joint passage through life, that we need to express it through the medium of our choice and expertise.

We intend to constantly provide you with that which you have (perhaps unknowingly) been missing so much in terms of contemporary media. We are not reality TV, we are not Hollywood, we are not CGI, we are not a seasoned yet out-of-touch pro director turning out 5 very late and ill-advised sequels in order to capitalize on our legend status forged by past works of genius.

We are young, we are committed, we are passionate and we are going to show you ALL an extremely good time.

May 27, 2008

The Dawn of Mantis

Be aware, be very aware; The Alrugo News Feed and Production Log has officially come into being, like so many tiny quantum particles bursting unexpectedly into the fabric of our universe!
Do you want to know what's going on at Camp Alrugo? Do you want to peer into our world like some perverted owl watching a teenage girl undress? Is the ability to manually hunt and devour all of the information you may desire at the press of a few buttons just too damned much hard work for you?

Labor no longer, lazy girlyboy!

The Mantis' Quill is here to provide you with the freshest, tenderest, wildest Alrugo-meat that you can sink your teeth into. You will find yourself returning repeatedly just to see if one more new release Alrugo Film, one more Alrugo Poster, one more Alrugo Song or one more stunning insight into the film/orange juice-making world has been thurst upon this interwebses for your enlightening pleasure.

So I say, dear Alrugo-fan, put on your pith-helmet, pull on your racing boots, get out your driving knife, surrender the controls to your brain and sit back and relax...

Because for the next few moments, Alrugo is taking the wheel...